SUUS - School Health Education with Succes

With data from over 700 students over 3 years, we have integrated physical training and coordination skills in the student´s school schedule

And proven that it has a positive effect on:

General performance and appearance

Trust (acceptance, who you are, is ok

Movement - Rhythm - Core (Age-related exercises)

Coordination training (Brain skills - study)

Aerobic exercises

Everyone gets an individual training plan (responsibility for their own development) (parents are partners)

Help to start in a local club (sports - art - ....)

Diet and nutrition (especially breakfast and lunch)

Eat together (socialize - responsibility)

Sleep (REM in theory)

Socialization in general

Responsibility (punctuality – cooperation)

Hygiene (I am ok and proud of myself)

Target setting individually

And much more.

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Jan Pedersen

+45 - 30320611