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Rouvy bkool pedal learning virtual

Pedal for better learning!

„Pedal for better
learning“ ist the titel of
our project while our
project integrates the
use of short bursts of
exercise in the
classroom alongside the
usual learning to help
motivate students whom
have lost concentration.

Further information about the project!

Erasmus+ MTB Tour in Spain!

The project uses virtual video
bike tracks. Students and
teachers will choose together
bike tracks of there home
region which they want to film
and then show the other
participants more about their
region and their cultural

The pedal for learning strava club! Click here to join in!

IES Montesclaros in Spain

We wanted to share our experience. We work with three
European schools: IES Montesclaros in Spain, Soender Otting
Skole in Denmark and Grundzales pamatskola in Latvia. They
are all schools which are looking constantly for new teaching
methods and ways or programs of promoting physical and
mental health and personal fitness of their students and staff.

Technical questions. What do you need to start? Please follow the link: Technical questions

Thank you for a amazing week in Spain!

We want to exchange ideas and have successful in-schools
programs that enhance students health, fitness and academic
success. Students with hyperkinetic disorders, depression or other
concentration deficits often lose the concentration on the academic
input in the classroom. They can be excluded. The bike trainers
motivate them to move and to get active and in return they are able
to concentrate better on learning